Patient recruitment

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Patient Recruitment and Retention Services

  • Promotional and educational materials: We work with Investigator teams to implement different tools aimed at increasing subjects’ interest in seeking novel treatments and participating in clinical trials (brochures, posters, reference tools).
  • DTC outreach: We assist Investigators in increasing the awareness among potential participants of clinical trials by organizing seminars for participants and their families to familiarize them with the clinical trial process and educating them on how such research contributes to the development of new treatments. We additionally assist Investigators in the business of digital marketing, website, social media, and mobile applications, which are all critical tools in ensuring that both clinicians and patients become aware of relevant studies.
  • Investigator’s materials: We provide support with site recognition programs, distribution of newsletters that both recognize high achieving PIs and study coordinators, as well as sharing best practices among sites, designing abridged protocols for clinical staff, and laminated inclusion/exclusion criteria cards.
  • Booster visits: Whenever the need arises, we schedule additional face-to-face meetings with all clinical trial site team members.
  • Referral sites: We have our own database of medical providers (outpatient facilities, private hospitals, regional hospitals) with whom we sign agreements to refer patients for participation in clinical trials.
  • Commitment to patients: We have created robust reimbursement procedures (taxi, accommodations, meal vouchers) for enrolled patients.
  • Patient’s materials: We assist in creation of patient newsletters, welcome packets, visit calendars and reference cards.

Protecting the health and safety of trial participants is extremely important to us at Cromos Pharma. We exercise extreme diligence in our approach to site selection and to choosing Investigators. While most companies face challenges in subject recruitment and retention, Cromos Pharma consistently on track when it comes to achieving the “Last Patient In” target. Our key focus is on maintaining our extensive professional network, which has consistently delivered patients supportive of the clinical trial research process.

By analyzing study population, sites’ motivation to enroll, type of disease, subjects’ barriers to participation (e.g., travel distances, number of clinic visits, etc.), we have developed a proprietary algorithm that facilitates identification, recruitment, and retention of the precise type of patients needed for the successful trial conduct.

Finally, Cromos Pharma engages its feasibility team during the startup phase of each trial. By doing this, the knowledge gained during the feasibility process is shared and transferred efficiently to the clinical operations team. This ensures effective launch and subsequent conduct of every clinical program.

Cromos Pharma has over 18 years of experience in managing all aspects of clinical trials across a range of therapeutic areas. With operations in the US, Central and Eastern Europe we combine global expertise with profound local market knowledge to deliver end to end solutions supporting our pharma and biotech clients.