News Digest Edition 12
Clinical Research Focus. 12th Edition Cromos Pharma’s Guide to the EU Legal Representation Requirements Any biopharmaceutical company that plans to conduct clinical trials in the EU and doesn’t have a registered office in the European Economic Area (EEA), needs to use the services of a Legal Representative. First established in 2001, this provision aims to ensure that the EU offers Read more
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Clinical Research Focus. 11th Edition Serbia – The Land of Opportunity in Clinical Research Over the years, Serbia has become a highly reputable location to conduct clinical research. The country has actively strived towards developing a robust healthcare system and adopted full GCP compliance. There are 322 clinical trials currently occurring inside Serbia’s borders. Increasing number of biotechnology and pharmaceutical Read more
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Serbia – a land of opportunity for clinical research The past, the present, and the future When someone mentions Serbia in a scientific context, the name of Nicola Tesla inevitably comes to mind. But very few people know that Serbia has produced some of the truly great minds in medicine. One such scientist is Miodrag Radulovacki, who is considered to be the father of Read more
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Clinical Research Focus. 10th Edition Türkiye – a Hidden Gem in Clinical Research Turkey, or Türkiye as it has been officially decreed by the UN, is the perfect location for conducting clinical research. Situated between Europe and Asia, Türkiye boasts a broad and diverse population of over 85 million. With a well-developed healthcare system, a relatively low per capita number Read more