World Cancer Day 2023 World Cancer Day is observed on February 4th every year to raise awareness about the disease and to encourage individuals and organizations to take action to prevent, treat and control it. The day aims to unite the global community in the fight against cancer and to show support to those affected by the disease. Cancer
Chinese New Year, Lunar New Year, Celebration
Happy Chinese New Year from Cromos Pharma! On the wonderful occasion of the Chinese New Year, we wish all our clients, partners, colleagues, and friends from China and all over the world, a blessed and festive time.  New Year is a time of reflection, setting new goals and appreciation for what we already have. May this new year be full of great
Abigail Lyn Bayes, meet our new Associate Business Development Director in Europe, Associate Business Development Director in Ireland, Cromos Pharma Associate Business Development Director
Cromos Pharma Welcomes New Associate Business Development Director in Europe Cromos Pharma is delighted to introduce Abigail Lyn Bayes!    Abigail is a highly educated, multi-faceted professional with over 10 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and a diverse background including work in the Middle Eastern region (Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Turkey). Abigail’s previous roles have exposed her to various cultures as she